Semesterticket / Deutschlandticket

(19 March 2024) Semesterticket / Deutschlandticket can be downloaded

The time has come! As previously announced, you can now download your semester ticket / Deutschlandticket via the HVV campus portal RIDE and save it in your smartphone wallet. The prerequisite for this is that you have properly re-registered with the payment of the semester fee or, if you are new to HAW Hamburg, that you have already enrolled. New registrations and re-registrations are sent to RIDE every night so that you receive your ticket on the following day.

Campus portal RIDE

Instructions for the semester ticket / Deutschlandticket on your smartphone 

Info flyer on the Deutschlandticket

QR code for the campus portal RIDE

In the summer semester 2024, the semester ticket will be converted to a digital ticket as part of the changeover to a discounted Deutschlandticket.

What will this change for you?

The chip card will no longer function as a semester ticket and you will not receive a paper ticket. It will be provided directly by the HVV. Your enrollment certificate is still available in myHAW. If it is available there, you have successfully re-registered.

The semester ticket will be cheaper.  The share of the semester fee for the semester ticket for the SoSe 2024 is 176.40 euros - the semester fee will thus be reduced to 331 euros.

The semester ticket is valid nationwide for public and regional transport from 01.04.2024. From summer semester 2024, the semester ticket will be a fully valid Deutschlandticket - please find out more about the validity of the Deutschlandticket here:

If you have used the previously valid offer to upgrade your semester ticket to the Deutschlandticket, you do not need to do anything else - the upgrade option will be automatically terminated from April 1.