The Department of Design offers a broad portfolio of degree courses for ambitious and creative people – from design-based to technical courses of study. In diverse courses, labs and workshops at its two locations, students work together on practical and artistic projects.
Roughly 36 professors and 50 sessional instructors from the areas of fashion, costume, textile and communications design as well as illustration, photography, graphic reproduction, art history and clothing technology teach the department's students. They have the necessary knowledge to address cultural, social and technical challenges while simultaneously developing aesthetic, innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions.

The design degree courses build on artistic and design foundations in drawing and painting. Practical production techniques are also taught in labs and workshops. The practical work is supplemented by systematic training in accompanying theoretical courses on art, fashion or design history as well as communications theory, cultural philosophy, sociology and work with language and text. These skills are applied in practice-oriented or artistic projects. Changing course content, participation in competitions and exhibits, and collaborations with external partners and other universities contribute to a dynamic and creative learning atmosphere.