Representing the faculty within and outside the university

The Dean's Office heads the faculty in accordance with the responsibilities assigned to it under the Hamburg Higher Education Act (HmbHG): it manages the budget allocated to the faculty by the Executive Board and decides on the allocation of positions. It is also responsible for determining the faculty's strategic direction.

The Dean's Office is currently made up of the dean and six vice deans. The vice deans for teaching also head their respective departments.

Members of the Dean's Office (Updated: February 2022)

NamePositionContact information
Prof. Dorothea WenzelDean

T +49.40.428 75-4635
dorothea.wenzel (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de

Prof. Dr. Hannah FrühVice dean for research

Prof. Gabriele BaschVice dean for teaching
Member of the Department of Design leadership

T +49.40.428 75-4777
gabriele.basch (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de

Prof. Dr. Andreas PlaßVice dean for teaching
Head of the Department of Media Technology

T +49.40.428 75-7600
andreas.plass (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de

Prof. Ulrike SchemppVice dean for quality management and appointments

T +49.40.428 75-4682
ulrike.schempp (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de

Prof. Dr. Frederike MasemannVice dean for teaching
Head of the Department of Information
M +49 176 63 23 23 83
frederike.masemann (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de
Prof. Wolfgang WillaschekVice dean for international affairs

T +49.40.428 75-7665
wolfgang.willaschek (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de

Contact information

Olga Spiller
Finkenau 35
22081 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 42875 - 4613
Fax: 040 42875 - 7609

olga.spiller (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de