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Examination managers
Jean-Pierre Adloff040 42875-7861F134Contact formFinal theses, oral exams (MuP/FuF),
exchange and elective modules, 
elective modules from another degree
course, various certificates
Virginija BatakieneTo comeF134Contact formFinal theses, various certificates
Renata Chvasteková040 42875-8336F134Contact form 
Ulrike FroeseTo comeF132Contact formGeneral inquiries (IuE/Inf./Mechatronik),
various certificates
Raoul Pascal Klein040 42875-8344F125Contact formGeneral inquiries (IuE/Inf./Mechatronik),
various certificates
Tetyana Kovalenko040 42875-8321F133Contact formHome page, room reservations,
resit exams, oral exams (IuE/Inf./Mechatronik)
Tanja Meisenbacher040 42875-8346F135Contact formGeneral inquiries (Master FuF and MuP),
accident reports, visiting and auditing students
Anna MülhauseTo comeF132Contact formFinal theses, recognition of credits,
internship semesters and pre-course
experience, various certificates,
general inquiries (MuP/FuF)
Achim SchäferTo comeF132Contact formData management, archive
Simone Seidel040 42874-8327F135Contact formTerm papers and Bachelor's projects,
internship semesters and pre-course
experience, general inquiries (IuE/Inf./
Mechatronik), oral exams (IuE/Inf./Mechatronik), 
various certificates
Abdülaziz Yasar040 42875-8339F133Contact formFinal theses, term papers and projects,
general inquiries (IuE/Inf./Mechatronik)
Management – Faculty Service Office
Kerstin Fremder-SauerbeckSemester manager040 42875-8334F126kerstin.fremder-sauerbeck (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de


Supervisors from the departments

Office hours of instructors with special supervision duties in summer semester 2024