Migration research and integration practice

The Centre for Migration Research and Integration Practice is headed by Prof. Dr. Louis Henri Seukwa, who serves as the HAW Hamburg Executive Board's representative for migration-related university development. The centre's main goal is to promote empirical research that facilitates evidence-based policy decisions on migration-specific issues and on questions related to integration practices. Its strategic goal is to bundle and link academic activities in the area of migration and integration in order to ensure the systematic academic analysis of discourses and practices on an ongoing basis.

The activities of the Centre for Migration Research and Integration Practice are based on three intricately interlinked pillars: integration, university development and research.

The integration activities consist of concrete measures which, among other things, make clear the structural barriers that exist. These barriers are then taken up and addressed in the area of university development. The third pillar, research, supplements the activities of the other two fields with academic analysis and the acquisition of funding for additional research in the field of migration and integration practices.

The centre is also involved in numerous collaborations with various operational and strategic public and private partners at the local and national levels. It contributes to the qualitative development of the field of practical migration work by supporting, accompanying and evaluating the institutional, organisational and conceptual development of institutions. With its academic know-how, it advises and supports administrative departments, organisations and institutions on migration policy issues and migration work in municipal development projects. It serves as a point of contact for businesses, institutions and the public, bringing together the right partners on a wide range of issues.

Centre for Migration Research and Integration Practice
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