Everything about 'Greenwashing'

What are actually 'green' products? In four lovingly designed videos you are informed about everything regarding greenwashing in the fashion and food industries.

What actually is 'green’? Which product is environmentally friendly?
Consumers around the world ask themselves this question almost daily, while companies around the world try to answer it with new products and green marketing! Sometimes, however, this is done not to protect the planet, but to maximize profits. This targeted advertising of sustainability and nature conservation without it actually being implemented is called greenwashing.

A small group of four students from Hamburg has created four lovingly designed videos with the aim to inform how and why greenwashing takes place in the fashion and food industry’s conscious marketing with the aspects of sustainability and environmental protection and where these are actually implemented. The mission is to further inform why certain companies cannot fully transform themselves to become more sustainable resulting in the misrepresentation through greenwashing.
The team studies 'International Management' at the 'University of Applied Sciences Hamburg' and has created this content with the topic of Ambiguity in Sustainability Economics in mind.

What is Green Guide
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