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Let’s work together for a welcoming and respectful institution

Last week, a video emerged showing a group of people engaging in racist behaviour. One of the individuals who appears in the video is alleged to be a student at HAW Hamburg. HAW Hamburg has therefore decided to consider initiating the deregistration process against the student concerned. The student has been barred from HAW Hamburg premises for two months and may not attend any lectures or classes during this period.

Campus Berliner Tor, Berliner Tor 5 und Berliner Tor 21 mit Lohmühlenpark

Prof. Ute Lohrentz, President of HAW Hamburg, said: ‘Deregistration is the ultimate sanction a higher education institution can impose on a student, and it can have a decisive impact on an individual’s future. This is why the Hamburg Higher Education Act requires institutions to convene a deregistration committee to carefully consider whether it is appropriate to initiate the process.’ 

The individual concerned has a right to privacy, which it remains imperative to protect. We therefore do not permit any member of HAW Hamburg to speculate on the individual’s identity or name names, and will not tolerate this happening on campus or in HAW Hamburg communication channels .  

Prof. Lohrentz continued: ‘Incidents motivated by racist and extreme right-wing ideologies happen across Germany and in all sections of German society; our institution is sadly not exempt .’ Prof. Lohrentz has therefore emailed HAW Hamburg’s staff and student body, calling upon them to join together in making sure that HAW Hamburg remains a community characterised by welcoming attitudes and respect for everyone’s differences. ‘We can achieve this if we keep engaging with one another with open minds and positive approaches, on campus, in lectures and classes, in project work and in our administrative processes,’ says Prof. Lohrentz, adding that anyone at HAW Hamburg who has been subject to or witnessed racist abuse or behaviour should not keep quiet about it, but should seek advice and support from HAW Hamburg.

Prof. Lohrentz emphasises: ‘HAW Hamburg is all of us. Let’s work together to make sure it’s a place where everyone is welcome, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, faith, beliefs, gender identity or disability.’