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Getting through your exams without stress!

The end of the summer semester is drawing near and most students have exams, papers and theses coming up. For many, this is a stressful time that is often accompanied by anxiety: Will I manage the exam? Have I studied enough? And how do I get started on my term paper or my thesis?

Especially during exams, things can get to be too much. But help is available.

Stefanie Kieback from the Student Counselling Office (ZSB) is familiar with these questions, worries and fears: 'Sometimes even small tips on how to improve the way you study can help make sure that these fears don't become overwhelming. But a lot of the time students ignore the problem for a long time, until it's just not manageable anymore and they're so desperate that it's literally hard for them to breathe. In our office hours we then try to put together an emergency kit with them, looking first at what they need and then what the next steps could be.'

To prevent this type of situation from occurring in the first place, various support services and offers are available at the university. We've compiled an overview here:

It's easier together!
A lot of the time it can be helpful to study with someone else and ask one another questions. If you don't have a study partner, you can look for one on the learn2gether page on the Übergangsmoodle platform. You can find more information here: www.haw-hamburg.de/en/learn2gether

Exam stress and anxiety
The CamPuls project offers workshops (in German, on campus and online) where you can practice stress-regulation techniques. Sign up for one if you think it could help you. You can also talk to the mental health first-aiders from CamPuls at any time if you are struggling and need someone to support you. 

Other tips and ideas
Self-management tips from the Student Counselling Office

Two newsletters from the Student Counselling Office focus specifically on exam anxiety:
How to revise effectively and make your exams stress-free (sort of)
How to deal with exam anxiety

HAW Hamburg wishes all of its students good luck with their exams!