'WeBuddy' video series

To simplify your studies in Hamburg, the HAW Hamburg International Office has prepared something special: Buddy Budmeister and his friends will show you all the steps and tips you need to know for your time in Hamburg in the new video series 'WeBuddy'.

At the start of your studies you are faced with many questions, whether about your visa, living in Hamburg or the many forms you need to fill out. In our videos, these topics are explained and summarised in a simple way. The order of the videos is based on your student life cycle, so you are continuously informed throughout your stay.

Today, we present the first video of the series. It’s about all the aspects you have to consider before your arrival in Hamburg – for example, visa, funding and getting here. We recommend you watch it as soon as possible, so you can plan your studies beforehand. The next video will focus on your arrival and first weeks in Hamburg, which you can look forward to!

HAW Hamburg Welcome Buddy Video 1 - Application and arrival in Hamburg

Moin! In the first video of the 'WeBuddy' series, our Welcome Buddy explains all the things international students need to do before arriving in Hamburg. They include applying for a visa, organising housing and planning your finances. To select English subtitles, use the settings button on YouTube at the bottom right of the video screen.


Mariana Müller
Mariana.Mueller (@) haw-hamburg.de