The interconnections between the three departments of the Faculty of Design, Media and Information, together with the collaboration across the individual degree courses, enable the faculty to offer contemporary degrees oriented to the job market.

The Faculty of Design, Media and Information offers degree courses in a range of areas, including various types of design; media technology specialisations such as light and sound design and games design; and library, media and information studies. The instructors have backgrounds in both academia and the professional realm. Using contemporary teaching methods, they help students understand complex interrelationships and facilitate reflective practice.

Since fall 2010, the Faculty of Design, Media and Information (DMI) has been housed at the Hamburg Art and Media Campus and the Armgartstraße Campus. The Art and Media Campus is the newest in the city of Hamburg and also houses the Hamburg University of Fine Arts, the Miami Ad School, the Hamburg Media School and the TIDE community television network. The HAW Hamburg's Armgartstraße Campus, which for several decades has been synonymous with the study of fashion and textile design, is nearby.

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