Social Work – exchange students

The Department of Social Work is located at our main Berliner Tor Campus in St. Georg, a vivid, multicultural quarter in the heart of the city of Hamburg. With its 1.8 million inhabitants, Hamburg is Germany's second-largest city after Berlin and an international port. Living and studying in Hamburg provides students with a wide range of insights into different cultures and lifestyles as well as into social issues and their solutions in a modern urban community. Its undergraduate programmes prepare students for a diverse range of social occupations and work in childhood education. They reflect the complexity of social work in a modern society.

Each summer semester (April–July) exchange students from our partner universities can gain insight into this expertise by taking the following classes in English:

Social Work / Education and Learning in Childhood – courses in English*

  • Community Work and Community Research for Social Justice
  • Developmental Psychology: The Waking & Making of Self
  • Discrimination against our Future Selves: Ageism as a Global Challenge
  • Diversity Training for Education, Social Work and Health Care
  • Education & Social System – a comparison of Belgium and Germany
  • Global Social Policy
  • Pediatric Psychology and Family-Centred Care
  • Philosophical Storytelling
  • Strengths-based interventions with children and families

Faculty exchange classes: (summer semester only)

  • Intercultural Learning in Theory & Practice (block seminar)
  • Selected Business Topics: Exploring the Hamburg Metropolitan Region**

NOTES: *Courses can change from one year to the next. ** not for English native speakers

Download the module handbook for further information about the classes.

Exchange students can also take classes in Nursing and Healthcare.

Application deadline:
Summer semester (April–July): 30 October
(open to: guest students from partner universities only; not open to freemovers)

Female student smiling into the camera in front of a brightly painted container

The classes are super hands-on. You work with classmates on projects or mini presentations. I love that it is an open dialogue; a conversation.

Raquel Paz, USA


Lea Andres
Student Exchange Coordinator
Faculty of Business and Social Sciences