Social Work – exchange students

The Department of Social Work is located at our main Berliner Tor Campus in St. Georg, a vivid, multicultural quarter in the heart of the city of Hamburg. With its 1.8 million inhabitants, Hamburg is Germany's second-largest city after Berlin and an international port. Living and studying in Hamburg provides students with a wide range of insights into different cultures and lifestyles as well as into social problems and their solutions in a modern urban community. 

The Department of Social Work offers 'Social Work' and 'Education and Learning in Childhood' undergraduate programmes, which prepare students for a diverse range of social occupations and work in childhood education. They reflect the complexity of social work in a modern society.

Each summer semester (April–July) exchange students from our partner universities can gain insight into this expertise by taking some of the following classes in English at Campus Berliner Tor:

Social Work / Education and Learning in Childhood – courses in English*

  • Community Work and Community Research for Social Justice
  • Discrimination against our Future Selves: Ageism as a Global Challenge
  • Diversity Training for Education, Social Work and Health Care
  • Education & Social System – a comparison of Belgium and Germany
  • Global Social Policy
  • Philosophical Storytelling
  • Strengths-based interventions with children and families
  • Team work and team building

Faculty exchange classes: (summer semester only)

  • Intercultural Learning in Theory & Practice (block seminar)
  • Selected Business Topics: The Hamburg Metropolitan Region**

NOTES: *Courses can change from one year to the next. ** not for English native speakers

Download the module handbook for further information about the classes.

Exchange students can also take classes in Nursing and Healthcare.

Application deadline:
Summer semester (April–July): 30 October
(open to: guest students from partner universities only; not open to freemovers)

Female student smiling into the camera in front of a brightly painted container

The classes are super hands-on. You work with classmates on projects or mini presentations. I love that it is an open dialogue; a conversation.

Raquel Paz, USA


Lea Andres
Student Exchange Coordinator
Faculty of Business and Social Sciences