Faculty exchange with the USA

Currently, fourteen HAW Hamburg professors are members of a network of 35 professors from five US partner universities. They collaborate through guest lectures, joint workshops and summer schools in Hamburg and in the US. They also work together in research as well as being advisors and joint examiners for Bachelor and Master theses.

California State University, Long BeachHAW Hamburg
Mark Washburn, Kenji Klein, Ming ChenNatalia Ribberink
Kent Hayward, Bonnie BlackburnWolfgang Willaschek
Tor Hovind, Sam AnvariSven Vogel
Nancy Meyer-AdamsDaniela Ulber
Cheryl RockAndrea Bauer, Katharina Riehn, Sybille Adam
Mehrdad AliasgariThomas Clemen, Zhen Dai
University of Rhode Island 
Natallia Katenka, Donna Gamache-Griffiths

Natalia Ribberink, Annette Corves

Virginia Tech  
Pradeep Raj, Mike Philen, Gary Seidel, Pat ArtisJutta Abulawi, detlef Schulze, Martin Wagner
Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) 
Allan Comport, Alain CorbelBernd Mölck-Tassel

Mark Sanders, Sandra Maxa

Sven Vogel
University of Florida 
Greg KikerThomas Clemen



Ingrid Weatherall
International Office - Strategic Cooperations (USA) & International Marketing