US partner universities

The USA is a strategic regional focus within the HAW Hamburg internationalisation strategy. Through partnerships with selected US universities excellent Bachelor students can complete a tuition-free semester in the USA. HAW Hamburg currently has exchange agreements with the following US universities:

The university cooperations are divided into four categories:

  • Bilateral cooperations: The focus of the cooperation with these (green) US partners is on student exchange.
  • Bilateral strategic cooperations: In addition to student exchange, there is deeper strategic cooperation with four (red) universities through faculty exchange within the framework of joint workshops and summer schools, as well as through double degree programmes and research exchanges.
  • UAS7 consortium: HAW Hamburg is partnered with three (blue) universities as a member of the UAS7 consortium.
  • Global E3: As a member of the international Global E3 network, HAW Hamburg is partnered with a further 35 US universities to promote student exchange in engineering.


If you are a US university and would like to develop a partnership with HAW Hamburg, please contact the International Office below.


Ingrid Weatherall
USA Strategy & International Marketing
Deputy Director International Office