Going abroad

Whether you want to stay in Europe or go overseas, HAW Hamburg offers both students and professors a range of opportunities to gain international experience. You can find information to help you plan and organise your travels here:

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Study at HAW Hamburg

We are always happy to welcome international students and professors, who enrich our teaching and research. Click here for further information:

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Partners and networks

As part of its internationalisation strategy, HAW Hamburg has identified strategic regions and participates in various global networks. This enhances the university's international profile.

Partner universities A–Z
CARPE network
HAW goes USA
Shanghai-Hamburg College

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Zwei Professoren und eine Studentin, die ein Projekt diskutieren

The teaching collaboration with CSULB brings a new international expertise to the Hamburg classroom.

Sven Vogel, Dept. Design

My year abroad in the US added a new element to my resumé that lots of other business students don't have.

Ole Peters, Germany