Stress management and relaxation

Every stressful situation requires a special method to deal with it effectively. We can learn suitable ways of doing this and apply them in these various situations in order to manage stress and relax.

Information about stress and stress management

Understanding stress and the ways it affects our body and our well-being can help us recognise it and deal more effectively with it.

Worksheet: Information about stress

Stress analysis

Only when we know what circumstances cause us to feel stressed can we think about what we can change in the future.

Worksheet: Stress analysis

Information on stress management

Unfortunately, there are no universal and easy ways to relieve stress. But there are lots of suitable tools and methods for personal stress management and active relaxation.

Worksheet: Overcoming stress
Worksheet: 10 tips for fighting stress

Focusing on your skills

An important part of stress management is becoming aware of your resources, opportunities, skills, strengths and talents.

Worksheet: Focusing on your skills

Relaxation analysis

To actively lower your baseline stress level, it makes sense to incorporate activities into your life that you personally find relaxing, soothing and satisfying. Because we're not all the same, it's important to first become aware of what these are.

Worksheet: Relaxation analysis

Giving your eyes a break

After doing research or writing on the computer for a long stretch of time, our eyes can get tired and our vision can become blurry. This is when it's important to take a break!

Worksheet: Eye exercise – Palming

The basics of breaks

Pauses are essential to preparing for the next phase of work. See the basics of breaks here:

Worksheet: Breaks 101

Calming breath

This exercise is perfect for dealing with acute stress reactions – for example, before or during exams, in job interviews, or in stressful situations in your everyday life.

Worksheet: Calming breath