Student counselling and coaching

In most cases, the path from starting your studies to successfully completing your degree does not go completely smoothly. Having some disruptions and crises over the course of your studies is not unusual, and in many cases just a few conversations will be enough to help you overcome the next hurdle.

We aim to support you by offering targeted individual counselling, seminars and workshops on specific topics, and tips, literature and information on studying successfully.

Possible problems could include:

  • Difficulty getting oriented at the start of your studies
  • Uncertainty about your choice of course
  • Doubts and problems with motivation
  • Learning and concentration disorders, etc.

We provide you with techniques for:

  • Effective time management
  • Useful study and work techniques
  • Successful degree planning
  • Having confidence in exam settings

To arrange a student counselling or coaching session, please come to our in-person office hours, call us or send us a mail at studienberatung(@)

Even if you are not having study-related problems that are impacting your studies, you can still make an appointment (in person, via email or by phone) for a counselling session with a psychologist.