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Erasmus university charter for HAW Hamburg

The European Commission has approved the HAW Hamburg International Office's application for the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, 2021–2027, an accreditation certificate. The application is part of the new seven-year Erasmus+ programme generation and is the central requirement for receiving funding for the programme. Most HAW Hamburg students who undertake study or internship stays abroad do so via the Erasmus+ programme.

Eine Frau hält ein Tablet in der Hand mit Erasmus+-Oberfläche

Most HAW Hamburg students who go abroad do so via the Erasmus+ programme.

Central principles of the Erasmus Charter

With President Micha Teuscher's signature, HAW Hamburg commits in the new charter to three principles: non-discrimination, transparency and integration must be upheld. Participants' personal backgrounds cannot play a role, and disadvantaged participants should receive targeted support. Additionally, recognition must be granted for "all credit points (ECTS) obtained for learning outcomes achieved in a satisfactory manner during a study/training stay abroad – including a mixed-mobility stay – completely and automatically."

More digital, more inclusive and greener – the new generation of Erasmus programmes

In the new generation of Erasmus programmes, digitalisation plays a central role and is a requirement for participation. From now on, the International Office will digitally implement its learning agreements, inter-institutional agreements (contracts between HAW Hamburg and its partner universities), nominations and transcripts of records. Sustainability and the EU climate goals are also important. The programme also aims to reduce its environmental footprint and contribute to societal change. Last but not least, social participation and equality are central dimensions of the new Erasmus generation. The wish is to reach especially those people who have so far been underrepresented among the programme participants. The fourth priority is the promotion of civic engagement on behalf of the European idea.

Why is taking part in the Erasmus+ programme a good idea?

Through the Erasmus+ programme, HAW Hamburg aims to ease students' transition to the working world via study stays abroad, and generally to enable more students to take part in the programme. It also aims to better integrate international students and researchers into courses and teaching, and to offer more courses in English.

HAW Hamburg is also striving to increase the percentage of instructors with international experience and, through the Erasmus programme, support them in expanding their international networks and internationalising their teaching offers. At the same time, administrative staff increasingly have the chance to gather international and intercultural experience. Deeper cooperation with selected European partner universities is also intended to make a decisive contribution to innovative research.

(Text: Martina Schulze, Head of the HAW Hamburg International Office)


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