New doctoral student at FTZ NK

Edward Mendy from Gambia is a new doctoral student in the NetCDA project. Here he introduces himself.

My Name is Edward Mendy, a Gambian citizen. I am a Ph.D Scholar in Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management. Universite de Lome-Togo under the prestigious scholarship program of the West African Science Service Center on Climate Change & Adapted Land Use (WASCAL). 

My journey in climate and disaster risk management commenced with a Higher Teachers’ Certificate from the Gambia College, followed by a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Science and Geography. Then later Masters in Disaster Science in Universitas Syiah Kuala, Banda Aceh (Indonesia). I am currently on my scientific research visit at the Hamburg University of Applied Science under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Walter Leal, Research and Transfer Center “Sustainability and Climate Change Management”. My research Topic is “Assessment of Flood Risks and Indigenous Knowledge Employed in Flood Management Along The Gambia River”. 

It is my wish and aim, to contribute to the effects and challenges posed by climate on communities in West Africa and the Gambia to be specific. Amid this ordeal, how are these local communities coping with the climate-related hazard. Furthermore, I am happy to support the team at the FTZ-NK in their research projects that relate to Africa such as NetCDA and RECC-LUM.

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