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Contact information collected to contain corona

Scan, check in, protect

At HAW Hamburg, students have successfully started winter semester 2020/21 – as far as this is possible given the coronavirus. The university's goal is to carry out on-campus lectures and teaching sessions primarily for first-year students.

A QR code is scanned with a smartphone.

As of 2 December, those attending on-campus courses at HAW Hamburg are required to submit their contact information using a QR code.

To ensure that this can remain the case for as long as possible, the university has implemented a new preventative measure as of 2 December: all individuals attending on-campus courses, including both students and instructors, must submit their contact information using a QR code.

The new measure comes on top of a number of existing preventative regulations. These include the general rules for preventing corona – physical distancing, hygiene measures and wearing a mask – as well as the HAW Hamburg recommendation that staff and students install the Corona-Warn-App and keep a diary of their contacts.

So far there have been very few known cases of coronavirus at HAW Hamburg. This can be credited not only to the measures implemented but also to the considerate and conscientious approach of students and staff at the university.

Students can find all the information they need on HAW Hamburg's coronavirus FAQs page.