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Summer semester 2022

Starting the new on-campus semester

It's finally possible to meet up with friends again, eat together in the cafeteria or go to orientation-week parties with other first-semester students. Summer semester 2022 at HAW Hamburg has started, with courses being held mostly on campus. But given the high number of corona cases, many people have questions about how to stay safe and healthy during the semester.

Students in front of Berliner Tor 5

Summer semester 2022 at HAW Hamburg has started, with courses being held mostly on campus.

You can find information about all the rules currently in place and detailed FAQs on the HAW Hamburg Coronavirus Update page. We've compiled some particularly relevant information in this overview.

On the way to the university

I have tested positive for the coronavirus. Who do I need to contact and do I need a doctor's note? And can I attend courses and exams online while I have the virus?

Please contact the 'corona single point of contact' (corona SPOC) in your faculty. You can find the contact information on the Coronavirus Update page. It's best to contact your Faculty Service Office to find out when you need a doctor's note.

Students are generally not entitled to attend courses online in the event of a coronavirus infection. In some cases it can be helpful to contact the instructors of your courses to clarify how you can make up for the material you have missed. It is not clear at this point whether exams will take place on campus or online. If you fall ill with the coronavirus, alternative dates can be arranged.

What do I need to do if I cannot attend an exam or my courses because I am in quarantine or isolation?
If you are unable to attend an exam because you are currently in quarantine, please contact your Faculty Service Office. It is possible to withdraw at short notice. During the quarantine period you are not automatically entitled to online instruction.

One of my roomates has the coronavirus. Am I allowed to come to the university or do I need to quarantine?
If you are not vaccinated or recovered, you will be required to quarantine. You can test out of quarantine after seven days at the earliest. If you are vaccinated or recovered you are permitted to come to the university. However, it is recommended that you get tested in order to protect your fellow students and other people you come into contact with.
I am not vaccinated or recovered. Do I need to get tested on each day that I attend on-campus courses?
The 3G rule (vaccinated, recovered or tested students only) was lifted at the beginning of summer semester 2022, which means that everyone – regardless of their vaccination or recovery status – is permitted to come to the university without being required to provide proof of their status. The daily testing requirement for individuals who are not vaccinated or recovered has also been discontinued. However, it is recommended that you test yourself or get tested regularly to protect both yourself and your fellow students. You can also keep using the Corona Warn app to stay informed and inform others about possible exposures to the coronavirus.

Are online alternatives available for students with chronic illnesses who cannot be vaccinated and are particularly at risk?
Individualised measures must be organised for students with chronic illnesses or disabilities that have been confirmed via a doctor's note. If students are unable to attend on-campus courses due to their personal situation they can in some cases be offered accommodation of special circumstances (Nachteilsausgleich). Applications for consideration of special circumstances can be submitted to the chair of the Examinations Committee in the respective department (application form).

Instructors or students who have questions about these measures or who would like to obtain advice can contact the formal representative for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses, Prof. Dr. Dieter Röh, or the academic staff member in the office for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses, Meike Butenob:

dieter.roeh (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de
meike.butenob (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de

How do I find out if my courses are taking place online or on campus?
You can find up-to-date course schedules on the degree course pages, which are on the HAW Hamburg website. These will indicate whether the course will be offered online or on campus.

On campus

Are entry checkpoints still in place?
The entry checkpoints were discontinued at the beginning of the semester.

Do I need to wear an FFP2 mask everywhere on campus?
You are required to wear an FFP2 mask in all HAW Hamburg buildings – including during courses. In the cafeteria you are permitted to remove your mask when you are in your seat.

Especially at the beginning of the semester, some parts of the campus are very full. Is physical distancing still required?
Physical distance should be maintained wherever possible.

By looking out for one another and thanks to our concerted efforts, the university has managed to avoid any large coronavirus outbreaks during the pandemic. As more students and employees return to campus, fair and respectful interaction will be paramount. Up-to-date information is available on the HAW Hamburg Coronavirus Update page.