International Business – exchange students

Today global competition determines the markets, with goods, services and information exchanged via worldwide networks. Hamburg is one of the most dynamic business centres in Europe and is home to many international companies. It is Europe's second-largest port and Asia's gateway to Europe, and it is also the third-largest centre for civil aviation, with Airbus as a major business engine for the city. The Department of Business at Campus Berliner Tor prepares its students for the global economy with an international management programme focusing on different aspects of international trade.

Exchange students from our partner universities who are enrolled as business majors can study for one or two semesters at HAW Hamburg and can choose from the following business classes in English:

International Business – courses in English 

  • International Business Law
  • International Capital Markets (for the last time in WS24/25)
  • International Economics 2
  • International Human Resource Management
  • International Organisation & Cooperation
  • International Trade and Logistics, FDI (for the last time in WS24/25)
  • Intercultural Communication and Competence (for the last time in WS24/25)
  • Project Work
  • Business Law and Taxation
  • Business Statistics*
  • Corporate Sustainability (elective)**
  • Digital Economics (elective)**
  • Digital Transformation in Accounting (elective)**
  • Financial Management*
  • International Accounting (elective)**
  • International Corporate Finance**
  • International Management
  • International Marketing*
  • International Supply Chain Management*
  • Macroeconomics & Country Studies**
  • Management Accounting*
  • Microeconomics & Market Studies*
  • Programming and Data Organization
  • Quantitative Methods in international business**

Working successfully in an international environment also requires excellent intercultural soft skills. The International Business programme offers the following classes in English from a business perspective:

  • Academic Research and Writing
  • Intercultural Business Communication
  • Intercultural Project Work**

*starting winter semester 2024/25  **starting summer semester 2025

It is possible that the number of places in the electives may be restricted.

Faculty exchange classes:

  • Intercultural Learning in Theory and Practice (summer semester only)
  • Exploring the Hamburg Metropolitan Region (not for English native speakers)

Download the module handbook for more information about the IB classes. NOTE: It is only possible for exchange students to take the classes listed above on the website. Other courses in the module handbook that are not listed above are not open for exchange students.

NOTE: These international business classes are open only to exchange students who are business majors at their home university. Students must provide proof that they have successfully completed business classes in the form of a transcript of records.

Application deadlines:
Winter semester (Oct.–Feb.): 30 April
Summer semester (April–July): 30 October
(open to: exchange students from partner universities only; not open to freemovers)

Female student standing at the container port

Many German companies have offices in my state and I wanted to get to know the German way of life better, because it seemed so different to the Brazilian one.

Maria Isabel Pereira Soares da Silva, Brazil


Lea Andres
Student Exchange Coordinator
Faculty of Business and Social Sciences