E-learning at HAW Hamburg is envisioned as a service for instructors and students that makes it possible to supplement on-site teaching with online components. The platform enables the following functions and activities, among others:

  • The provision of learning materials (e.g. as PDFs, JPEGs, or HTML files)
  • Communication via participant lists, forums or chats
  • Tests and practice exercises
  • Links to the library (ELSE electronic reading lists)
  • The integration of other activities and elements such as wikis, hyperlinks, glossaries, and questionnaires

Information about the situation following the cyber-attack

Together with the ITSC, the staff of the KOMWEID project have built a new virtual learning environment (Übergangsmoodle), which has been available since 6 March:

Instructors can now upload their course materials to the new platform.

Students will receive the enrolment codes for their courses from their instructors at the beginning of the semester.

Registration and course enrolment
Those who already have their new HAW user ID ( need to click on 'Login' in the top right corner and then select Microsoft-Login on the subsequent page. Once you have signed in using two-step verification, which you are already familiar with from Office 365, a user account will automatically be set up in Übergangsmoodle. For each course, an empty course room will then be set up. All professors and instructors with a valid HAW Hamburg email address will be sent the login information and the corresponding enrolment codes for their courses via email.

Individuals without a HAW user ID can apply to their e-learning advisor to have an account and/or course room set up.

The e-learning advisors will also provide support if you have not received a mail with login information for course rooms by Monday, 6 March 2023 or if you would like to register a new course. In future you can apply to set up courses retroactively via an order button on the new platform. Please contact your e-learning advisor to do this until the function has been activated.

Course backups from EMIL
If you have saved course backups from EMIL locally, please note that you are NOT permitted to import these into Übergangsmoodle! The question of whether course materials from EMIL will be restored and imported into Übergangsmoodle is still under discussion. It is not expected that this will take place in the near future.

Backing up data in the new learning environment
The new platform allows instructors to independently back up courses and/or their content (automatic backups will also take place regardless). The backup files can be downloaded and stored locally and then uploaded to other, future courses or other Moodle platforms.
Who should I contact if I have questions?

Your e-learning advisor is available to assist you. Übergangsmoodle is being managed by Alexander Brehm and Nils Promer (KOMWEID).