Energy Campus Technology Centre

As part of an integrated network with the wind farm, the technology centre provides a unique infrastructure which enables application-oriented research in a grid-interactive efficient building.

In order for our energy supply to be secure and stable, there must always be as much energy available as is being consumed at any one time. However, the production of renewable energies fluctuates depending on wind and sun conditions and doesn't always match demand. So how can we ensure a secure and stable energy supply in future?

A promising approach to addressing the problem exists: the so-called smart grid, which is an intelligent energy supply network. Production and consumption are coordinated intelligently through flexible energy consumers as well as heat, electricity and gas storage facilities. This interaction is being developed and tested at the Energy Campus in Bergedorf. Components for energy production and energy consumption are available and are housed under one roof. This means that the interplay between the various components can be investigated, either holistically or with a focus on particular areas. What is unique here is that all of the components are integrated into the building's operations.

Laboratory head

Sebastian Farrenkopf
T +49.40.428 75-5819

sebastian.farrenkopf (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de