The CC4E team

The CC4E independently acquires external funding for research projects in energy research areas relevant to the competence centre on an ongoing basis. These include cooperative and large-scale projects.

Organisationally, the various (sub)projects are assigned to specific teams. This structure offers the unique possibility of promoting content-related team work across research projects. The CC4E benefits from cross-faculty cooperation between the engineering, natural sciences, business, communications and social sciences disciplines. The team structure contributes to a positive dynamic in the research projects, a collegial work environment, the generation of synergies, and the wide-ranging applicability of the research findings.

Together we're doing our part to make the energy transition a success.

At the current time, approximately 80 professors and academic, technical and student employees are working in the various (sub)projects.

Contact people

Communications and public relations

Inga Mohwinkel
T +49.40.428 75-5828

CC4E-Presse (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de

Human resources

Jenny Capel
T +49.40.428 75-5856

Susann-Viola Brandt
T +49.40.428 75-5880

cc4e-personal (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de

Head of the Smart-Grid Lab (Energy Campus Technology Centre)

Sebastian Farrenkopf
T +49.40.428 75-5819

sebastian.farrenkopf (@)

Head of the Wind Lab (Curslack Research Wind Farm)

Sven Störtenbecker
T +49.40.428 75-5767

sven.stoertenbecker (@)

Management team

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Schäfers
Head of the CC4E

T +49.40.428 75-5895
hans.schaefers (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Torsten Birth-Reichert
Deputy head of the CC4E

T +49.40.428 75-8704

Janine Becker (M.A.)
Managing director of the CC4E
(on parental leave)

T +49.40.428 75-5838
janine.becker (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Peter Dalhoff
Deputy head of the CC4E

T +49.40.428 75-8674
peter.dalhoff (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de

Mike Blicker
Strategic project development and academic team management

T +49.40.428 75-5846
mike.blicker (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de

Jenny Capel (M.A.)
Acting managing director of the CC4E
(parental leave replacement)

T +49.40.428 75-5856
jenny.capel (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de