Prof. Dr. Pawel Buczek

Department of Information and Electrical Engineering
Professor für Mikrocontroller und digitale Schaltungstechnik

Berliner Tor 7
20099 Hamburg

Room 10.04

T +49 40 428 75-8443



Courses (de/en)

  • Computer simulations and numerical analysis
  • Microcontrollers
  • Design and analysis of mission-critical systems (elective project)
    1. Highly dependable software
    2. System engineering and RAMS

Additional information

Welcome to our computational research laboratory!

The research interests of the group of Prof. Buczek revolve around the following fields:

  • high performance computer-based design of functional quantum materials, with particular focus on applications in the renewable energy generation as well novel as quantum and spintronic computers
  • design and analysis of mission- and safety-critical systems, especially in the areas of railway and space flight

More details will follow soon!

> Computer-based design of functional quantum materials
> Design and analysis of mission-critical systems