Deregistration following receipt of transcript and certificates

You will generally be deregistered by the Student Admissions and Registration Office on the day you are issued your final transcript and degree certificate. If you have completed all of your credit points, you do not need to re-register for the subsequent semester, even if some course marks have not yet been submitted. It is possible to apply for transcripts and certificates following deregistration.

Deregistration without issuing of transcript and certificates – failure to re-register

If you have completed all of the required credit points and have therefore not re-registered but have also not yet received your transcript and certificates, you will initially receive a deregistration certificate citing failure to re-register which states that you have not completed your final exam. Please don't let this bother you! As soon as the transcript and certificates have been issued, you will receive an updated certificate confirming completion of your degree from the Student Admissions and Registration Office.

Deregistration upon request

You can apply to the Student Admissions and Registration Office to be deregistered at any time. The application is available in your myHAW account.

Deactivation of your myHAW account and access to the HAW mailer

Your access to myHAW will be deactivated 70 days after you are deregistered. It is then no longer possible for you to print out overviews of your grades or other certificates. Your access to the HAW mailer will be deactivated on the day you are deregistered.

Deregistration and your semester ticket

Your semester ticket remains valid for the final semester you have re-registered for, even if you are deregistered before the semester ends. If you would like to have your ticket refunded, please see the Chip Card Services Office  page for more information.