US partner universities

The USA is a strategic regional focus within the HAW Hamburg internationalisation strategy. Through partnerships with selected US universities excellent Bachelor students can complete a tuition-free semester in the USA. HAW Hamburg currently has exchange agreements with the following US universities:

The university cooperations are divided into three categories:

  • Bilateral cooperations: The focus these partners is on student exchange.
  • Bilateral  strategic cooperations: In addition to student exchange there is a focus on developing a deeper partnership on different levels, including faculty exchange, joint workshops and summer schools, double degree programmes as well as joint research.
  • UAS7 cooperations: HAW Hamburg is partnered with these universities as part of the UAS7 consortium.

Find out more about the strategic partnerships and the UAS7 consortium.

If you are a US university and would like to develop a partnership with HAW Hamburg, please contact the International Office below.


Ingrid Weatherall
International Office - Strategic Cooperations & International Marketing