11 presentations from Tribologists from 4 countries


10:30  Prof.Dr. E.Kuhn (HAW Hamburg): welcome and opening 

10:40 Univ.Doz. H.v.Leeuwen (TU Eindhoven, (keynote-speaker))

Winner of the Georg Sarton Medal awarded by the Uni Ghent 2022

Past, Present and Future of Triboboly in the Low Contries.

11:10 S. Fernandez,M.Sc., Prof.Dr.Moisés García Morales, Prof.Dr. M.Delgado (Uni Huelva-online)

 Electro-Rheology applied to control the lubrication process

11:30 M.Borrego,M.Sc, Prof.Dr. J.E.Martin - Alfonso, Prof.Dr. J.M.Franco (Uni Huelva - online)

Tribological behavior of biolubricants based on nanofibers

developed by electrospinning

11:50 Dr.Dr. U.Gunst (ATN Münster)
Small and Micro Wind Power Plants - Aspects of Use and Analytical Tribology.

12:10 Dr. N.Bader (Leibniz Uni Hannover)Behaviour of Grease in 
Oscillating applications

12:30 Prof.Dr. E.Kuhn (HAW Hamburg)
Introduction of irreversibility in the study of lubricating greases

12:50-14:15 Lunch at the Mensa

Poster exhibition in the lecture room parallel to the oral presentation
Dr. F.Rühle, Prof.Dr. W.Lilienblum (Magdeburg): The Lubricant as an Important Element of Plain Bearing Optimization. (Poster)
L.Ahme,M.Sc. (HAW Hamburg): Change of Grease structure during friction process. (Poster)


Moderation: H.v.Leeuwen


14::15 K.Driesen,M.Sc.1,2, Prof.Dr.S.Castagne1, Prof.Dr. D.Fauconnier2,  Prof.Dr. B.Lauwers1

1KU Leuven (Belgium), 2UGent (Belgium):
On Friction Hysteresis of Rough Lubricated Surfaces

14::35 S.Vafaei,M.Sc., Prof.Dr. G.Jacobs, Dr.F..König (RWTH Aachen): 

Tribological Evaluation of Lubricating Greases Composed

by Different Bio-based Polymer Thickeners
14:55 I.Slabka, M.Sc., S. Henniger, B.Sc., David Kücükkaya,B.Sc.,M.Dawoud,M.Sc, Prof.Dr.H.Schwarze (TU Clausthal):

Influence of Rheological Properties of Lithium Greases on Operating Behavior in Oscillating Rolling Bearings at a Small Swivel Angle.

15:15 Dr.F.Pape1, Dipl.-Phys. D.Mallach, Dr. D.Lipinsky2, Prof.Dr. H.F.Arlinghaus2, Prof.Dr. G.Poll11

1Leibniz Uni Hannover, 2Uni Münster:

Tribological investigations on ZDDP and Ionic Liquids as oil Additive.

15:35 S.Wandel, M.Sc, Dr.N.Bader, Prof.Dr.G.Poll (Leibniz Uni Hannover):

The role of the cage for track replenishment in Oscillating Rolling Element Bearings

15:55 End of the Colloquium in the Tribo-Lab
Dinner with speakers in Gasthaus an der Alster (17:00)