Cooperation with the research group of Prof. J.M.Franco from University of Huelva

Since more than 15 years we collaborate withe the research group from Complex Fluid Engineering Laboratory and Pro2TecS - Chemical Process and Product Technology Research Centerat University of Huelva.

Head of the group is Prof.Dr.  J.M.Franco ( and together with Prof.Dr. M.A.Delgado ( we have an intensive exchange in research and teaching.

The focus of our cooperation is on investigating the tribological and rheological behvior of lubricating greases. A number of joint publications and presentations have emerged in recent years.

As part of this cooperation, 6 PhD-students from Huelva visited our laboratory for 3 month each to carry out experimental investigations. 2 PhD-students from Hamburg visited the University of Huelva in the past. Unfortunately this year we had to cancel the exchange in both directions beacuse of the pandemic.


The last joint publication is a cooperation between TREC Hamburg, Pro2TecS University Huelva (Spain), FEUP University Porto (Portugal) and INEGI University Porto (Portugal)

Acar,N.; Franco, J.M.; Kuhn, E.; Goncalves, D.; Seabra, J.: Tribological Inve- stigation on the Friction and Wear Behaviors of Biogenic Lubricating Greases in Steel−Steel Contact.Appl. Sci. 2020, 10, 1477; //doi:10.3390/app10041477



Impressions from University of Huelva (School of Engi­neering at Campus Carmen)