Annual Meeting of the German Society of Tribology in Göttingen 2023

Mr. Rieling presenting results from tensile tests with lubricating greases

Prof. Kuhn after his lecture on the energy dissipation rate in greases. Here in conversation with Prof. Kröger (TU Freiberg) and Dr. Dr. Gunst (ATN Münster). 

That was the 18th Arnold Tross Colloquium (Tribology)

Guest Editor in PROCESSES

Prof. Kuhn is together with Prof Delgado from the University of Huelva guest editor in the open accessoire journal PROCESSES. A special issue on the topic of sustainable grease development is being edited.
Prof. Kuhn is guest editor in an international journal for the fourth time.

Teaching project Uni-Huelva and Hamburg University of Apple. Sc.

After 2021, 2022 was also this year a joint teaching project with the University of Huelva. This meant joint lectures on rheology (Huelva) and tribology (Hamburg) followed by group work in mixed teams. These groups independently organized online working meetings to work on the set tasks. As a result, the students developed videos for presentation on a given topic.
This year's project was also successful and the participants had a lot of fun.

7th World Tribology Congress - Lyon 2022

The world congress in Lyon was really a huge scientific conference at a nice place. Two grease sessions were organized with different topics related to lubricating greases.

Prof. Kuhn presented his investigation of thixotropic phenomenon by using the entropy concept. He chaired one oif the greases session.


Right: Prof. Kuhn together with Prof. J.Seabra (Uni POrto) and Prof. E.Ciulli (Uni PIsa)


At 21st of June Mrs. Nazli Acar defended her PhD-thesis. Congratulations !!

All the best for the future Mrs. Dr.Nazli Acar

17th Arnold Tross Colloquium- 10.6.2022

Guest editor in Lubricants

Third time that Prof.Kuhn will be a guest editor for a special issue in the open access journal Lubricants

The issue is called: Recent Advances in Lubricating Greases

PhD-student from Uni Huelva was working for 3 month in our laboratory in 2022

After 3 months María Borrego Algarra, M.Sc. will leave our university to do a PhD in Huelva. It was a good time discussing various rheological and tribological issues. We had a lot of fun working together and wish you all the best for the future.

Participants of the joint teching project Uni Huelva- Hamburg Uni of Appl. Sc.

Cooperation between students from Uni Huelva and Hamburg Uni of Appl. Sc.

Initiated by Prof.  Miguel.A. Delgado from Uni Huelva.

During the Master course Lubrication Technology at University of Huelva and during the Master course Tribology at Hamburg University of Appl. Sc. we organized two lecture days  together. First topic was Rheology (fundamentals and grease rheology by Prof. Delgado) and second was Tribology (basics and grease tribology by Prof. Kuhn).

Afterwards, the students had to work together on assignments from given papers. Divided in three groups mixed of Spanisch and German students, they presented a number of slides with the jointly developed solution.


It was really a nice experience for teachers and students and a great academic  cooperation between to european universities.



Auf der 7. Europäischen Tribologie Konferenz in Wien 2019 (ECOTRIB) erhielt unsere Doktorandin Frau Nazli Acar den Best Poster Award (hier die Verleihung an der HAW Hamburg). Auf dem Poster stellt Sie Ergebnisse ihrer wissenschaftlichen Untersuchungen an komplett biogenen Schmierstoffproben vor.

Im TREC von M.Sc. Felix Gellert entwickeltes und bereits geschütztes Messsystem zur Untersuchung der Temperaturentwicklung gescherter Substanzen im Rheometerspalt.

Untersuchungen zum Strukturaufbau und zum Strukturverschleiß werden von M.Sc. Leif Ahme am Atom-Kraft-Mikroskop (Universität Hamburg, Chemie) durchgeführt.

Im Fokus stehen auch komplett biogene visko-elastische Schmiertsoffe

PhD-Student Leif Ahme  works about the degradation process of lubricating greases. His work is focused on the change of the grease structure.

Prof. Jose´Maria Franco from Huelva University (right) visited our lab in December 2019 as a guest lecturer.

M.Sc. Felix Gellert (2 from left) presented his new temperature measurement system for stressed lubricating greases.

M.Sc. Nazli Acar and M.Sc. L.Ahme at the conference  "Young Tribologists" at University Vienna in 2019

Prof. M.A.Delgado and Prof. E.Kuhn at the IBERIAN Tribology Conference in Sevilla 2019