Offer to host instructors and students at our faculty in Hamburg

The news from Ukraine has caused us at the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences (HAW) Hamburg deep concern. We cannot imagine what the situation at Ukrainian universities must be like and how much worry the faculty members must be burdened with at the moment.

Our university is home to approximately 17,000 students and 400 professors, making it one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Germany. The faculties are spread across the city of Hamburg in northern Germany. Our Faculty of Life Sciences instructs roughly 4,000 of these students in 18 degree courses with a total of approximately 90 professors.

We would like to support the Ukrainian universities during this difficult time as far as we possibly can with the resources we have.

Over the past few days we have been looking for ways to offer members of Ukrainian universities prospects with us, and we would now like to extend the following offers:

1. Teaching

We would like to offer a limited number of professors/academic staff from Ukrainian universities lectureships at our faculty in order to enable stays in Germany that include teaching opportunities.

Lectureships are small teaching assignments for qualified persons to teach individual subjects. The individuals are not employed by the university and do not receive any equipment from the university, but are paid as freelancers to teach. Since teaching assignments usually cover only a few lectures per week, the money earned is not enough to live on. However, work is currently underway to allow Ukrainian refugees to receive state financial aid in Germany, and we are working with an NGO that provides housing for refugees, so that a life in Hamburg is possible.

We can offer lectureships in mathematical-scientific subjects, computer science and (mainly biomedical, biotechnological, process or environmental) engineering to people with teaching experience.

Teaching of basic subjects takes place in German, and advanced subjects and Master's subjects can be taught in English or German. To teach Bachelor's subjects, interested persons should themselves have at least a Bachelor's degree or equivalent. To teach Master's subjects, a Master's degree (or equivalent) is the minimum requirement.

Interested parties can write to us directly at lectures-ukraine (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de, and together with them and our lecture planner we will attempt to organise teaching assignments based on the individual's qualifications. We are also happy to provide information on housing, finances and immigration/visas wherever possible.

A small number of Ukrainians already belong to the faculty, so there are other Ukrainian native speakers available.

2. Students

We are increasing the capacity in our English-language Biomedical Engineering, Process Engineering, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Renewable Energy Systems Master's courses in order to accept additional Ukrainian guest students. Again, interested parties can write to us directly at lectures-ukraine (at) haw-hamburg (dot) de. We will attempt to organise opportunities for visiting students based on their qualifications. We are also happy to provide information on housing, finances and immigration/visas wherever possible.

We hope that these two offers will be helpful to at least some Ukrainian university members and provide a small glimmer of hope. If you find our offer helpful, we encourage you to share it with members of your university you think would be suitable candidates. We will clarify the remaining details with them directly.

Our hearts are with you and we wish you all the best in this terrible time.