Do, 09.01.2020, 19:00 – 19:30 Uhr

Berliner Tor 5 (Neubau), Hörsaal 01.11

Den Vortrag hält Dr.-Ing. Gerd Heller, Senior Aerodynamics Expert, Airbus Operations.
Der Vortrag ist ein Teil der Lehrveranstaltungen zum Seminar Praxisseminar Luftfahrt (PSL) von Prof. Dr. Ing. Scholz.

RAeS lecture in cooperation with DGLR, HAW-Hamburg & VDI

Winglets, the small "wings" at the tip of aircraft wings, have long been of particular interest. Do they only offer a convenient area for the airline logo, or are there any other good reasons for equipping a aircraft with winglets? In fact, winglets have a global influence on the flow field and can thus make a significant contribution to reducing air resistance. But how does a winglet work in detail? How can aerodynamic mechanisms be used to generate a noticeable effect on the aircraft system in a severely restricted parameter space? It also requires profound knowledge of various interactions with other disciplines. Is the integration of winglets the real challenge? There are clear differences between retrofitting existing aircraft or a new design. Finally, all solutions, along with their respective motivations, will be presented on the basis of the complete Airbus fleet.


Mehr Informationen gibt es auf der Homepage von Prof. Dr. Ing. Scholz.