Solar Decathlon Europe 21 (SDE21)

Solar Decathlon Europe 21 (SDE21)

The Solar Decathlon Europe 21 (SDE21) is an university competition for sustainable building and living in cities. Groups of students from architecture and engineering programs design inhabitants-friendly, innovative, beautiful, and energy neutral houses. The next competition is taking place 10 – 26 june 2022 in Wuppertal, Germany.

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences takes part in the competition in collaboration with Technical University Lübeck, Prof. Nadine Buczek (Laboratory of functional nanomaterials) and Prof. Heiner Lippe (Civil Engineering Department), as well as a network of international partners, among others the Technical University Istanbul.

The particular focus lies in the energetic efficiency of the developed building. Needless to say, it is going to be heated and illuminated using renewable energy sources and its construction will be sustainable and minimize the carbon dioxide footprint. The project has fostered an interdisciplinary team of architects, engineers, physicists, biologists, and designers devoted to improving the quality of city-living and minimization of the environmental impact of housing. The ready building will be available to public in the Hanseatic City of Lübeck. Get in touch if you are interested in taking part in this exciting project.

Project homepage: Solar Decathlon Europe 21

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