Mecha­nical Engi­neering - Exchange students

Mechanical engineering is at the core of almost all engineered products »Made in Germany«. In order to design and manufacture high quality products you not only require an excellent understanding of the customer and market requirements but also an efficient product design process as well as a thorough understanding of the key technical fundamentals, their possibilities but also their limitations.

Germany is not only a pacemaker in up-market engineering products but also demonstrates how it is possible to supply a modern energy-dependent society with an environmentally-friendly energy base. The courses offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Production provide an insight into some of these innovative fields.

Each summer semester (March - July) exchange students from our partner universities can take the following classes in English:

Mechanical Engineering - courses in English

  • Finite Elements
  • Industry Design Team Project (aerospace)
  • Machine Cutting Technology
  • Systematic Product Development
  • Technical Thermodynamics 1
  • Thermal Energy Systems

Further information about the content of the classes can be found in the module handbook.

Exchange students with B2 German can also take other classes offered in German in our Mechanical Engineering Bachelor's programmes.

Students may also be able to take classes from aeronautical engineering, automotive engineering and information engineering (all classes within the Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science) if lecture schedules and capacity allow.

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